Courses offered


Bachelor of Business Administration – UG Course offered by Sembodai R.V. Arts and Science College. Department of Business Administration (B.B.A.) offers an opportunity to acquire professional skills in the early stage of their career as a management professional. It is also one of the sought after courses in the recent times. BBA degree can show the gateway to the global business sectors. The focus of the department is to build up the ability to solve various problems in business and corporate sectors and also get a platform to make the students to understand the business skills such as Leadership, Critical Thinking, Communication Skills and Decision Making.

The BBA Course offered by the department is spread over three years and has 13 Core Courses, 3 Elective Courses, 3 Skill Based Elective Courses, 8 Language Courses, 6 Allied Courses and a course on Environmental Studies, Value Education and Extension Activities each. The course also consists of two Non - Core Electives. In this competitive world everyone face stiff competition to survive.

In this competitive world everyone face stiff competition to survive. This department teachers how to survive these competitive business world. This department has four qualified doctorial professors in first shift imparting knowledge to the student’s community to chances to know managerial.


The programmed with dual specialization molds the students to meet the emerging challenges in the highly competitive and rapidly changing technology and work force corporate world the department also offers three year full time BBA Programmed.

The department produces high-quality graduates who are highly skilled and capable of meeting the economy's evolving needs and challenges. The department equips the students with up-to-date knowledge and skills so that they can face the demands of global marketing world. Our mission is to instill in students an analytical mindset, in-depth technical expertise, a desire to succeed, and a socially sensitive attitude that will contribute to the nation's overall growth his department thrive everyday in its academic and research endeavors to inculcate in the prospective entrepreneurs the knowledge of business management. This department meets the growing demands of young learners for appropriate placement.

Finally our department mission is to make every student become entrepreneur with this mission we are making of curricular.