About The department The Electronics and Communication Engineering Department is passionate in developing the instructional, analytical and communication capabilities of the forth coming engineers. The department is equipped with adequate classrooms and Laboratories. The Electronic Devices Lab, Electronics Circuits Lab, Analog And Digital Communication Lab, Communication systems Lab, Microprocessor and Microcontroller lab, Digital Signal Processing Lab, Optical Communication Lab, Microwave Lab, Electronic System Design, Digital Electronics Lab, Linear Integrated Circuits Lab, Embedded Systems Lab,VLSI Lab, Networking Lab are the well-equipped laboratories with excellent facilities. The Dept has simulation lab laboratory with Xilinx, Modelsim, Keiluvision, MatLab, Pspice, Multisim, Tanner EDA,Proteus,KiCad, MASM ,Oscad,Scilab,SDCC,Magic,Octave Simulation soft wares. The department is supported by well qualified faculty members. VISION: The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering assiduous efforts to develop high level excellence, technically competent, confident and socially responsible engineers. MISSION: Department make great efforts to continually engage in effective teaching–learning process to provide in-depth knowledge of principles and its applications pertaining to Electronics & Communication Engineering and interdisciplinary areas. To inculcate creative thinking through innovative and group work exercises which enhances the entrepreneur skills, employability and research capabilities. Providing industry and department interactions through consultancy and sponsored research. To prepare the students to have professional and communication skills with ethical attitude to function as members of multi-disciplinary teams in Engineering and other industries and to assume leadership role in addressing the technical issues. Courses and Contents Courses Offered Under Graduate B.E– Electronics & Communications Engineering About the course: Every facet of life today is impacted by electronics in one way or other. Either it is Hardware or communication (Multimedia) or a control, electronics is the link. The exciting world of electronics needs very good mathematical background and also an analytical mind. The opportunities in electronic field are countless; Application developers, system engineers, integrators and information technology. Infotainment enthralls the common man. Mobile telephony has shrunk the world. Subjects on digital systems, digital Signal processing, Fuzzy logic and neural networks, VHDL and VLSI, digital communication, embedded system, Microprocessors and micro controllers and microwaves are studied as part of the course. Post Graduate M.E – VLSI Design About the course:Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) Circuits is an important area in modern technological world that has revolutionized the developments in Space technology, Defense, Communication, Instrumentation, Medical Electronics, Computing, Internet, and Modern automations in various industries. The course has been designed so as to provide the radically changing technical industry with professionals who have a clear cut academic knowledge and engineering practice.