Department Association: Vision and Mission of MESTRONECE Association The ECE Department association “MESTRONECE” mainly aimed to build a better quality of life. The association acts as a bridge between students and faculty. This association is organized by the Students and faculty members. The main objective of the club is to learn and know beyond the curriculum. In pursuit of this aim, we have planned numerous activities as part of our association. These include Industrial Visits, Industrial Trainings, Group Discussions, and Seminars by eminent personalities from the various industries/fields, debates & quiz, preparation for campus interviews, to motivate and to encourage students to participate in various technical and cultural events.
  • To provide students of the ECE department, a platform to exhibit their technical skills and their talents.
  • To train student to prepare and present technical papers.
  • It inspires students to get trained in various events like Guest lecturer, Workshops, and seminars.
  • Exposes students to a world of knowledge other than that which is taught in regular curriculum.